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Hatchery Musings - Mike Jirka

Musings from Michael Jirka

OK, some of you have been wondering why there have been no updates on work at the hatchery and no DO reports from me.  THE TRUTH IS …. I have been a lackey, sitting in my easy chair, watching TV and living the care free life for the last 4 months.  I have upgraded some equipment that will make it easier to get better results during this lull.  LULL, you ask?  Well, yes, LULL … this is my free time where turnover has ended (Dec 12) and the top oxygenated water is circulating unimpeded by the thermocline.

The entire lake is ripe with oxygen so there is no danger to the hatchery of ever getting any bad water from their deepest siphon point at about 130 feet. But now, things are warming up and the lake circulation will break apart into aerobic layers on top and a declining level of oxygenation below the thermocline. I am geared up and ready to hit it again and that of course means frequent pictures to document how the Hatchery build is going on “B” Wing too.

I will also monitor Dry Run Creek while the construction is going on to insure that it is not impeding the quality of the creek which feeds into the North Fork River. Scott S. corrected me so I hope I remembered it right this year…. Norfork Hatchery on the North Fork River.  Keep working on me Scott … I’m not hopeless … just a slow learner.