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Dry Run Creek Cleanup - URGENT REQUEST

Dry Run Creek Cleanup
“Urgent Request”
By Leon Alexander

Dry Run Creek is going to be featured in a national magazine, Trout Unlimited’s “Trout” magazine.  The editors of “Trout” are scheduled to visit the Norfork NFH on June 11 to see the magic of Dry Run Creek first hand.  In order to make the best impression possible the FNNFH are working on some maintenance issues for the Boardwalk such as stabilizing some of the boards and adding safety footing for the stairs.  We will also be giving it some stain where needed to make it fresh again.  We are very fortunate to have our Scott Sillence oversee this maintenance.

The AGFC has agreed to make some improvements on the “Instream” work and to make some repairs to some of the most used trails.  Thanks to Tim Burnley and his crew for helping with this.  

What we need is some help in cleaning up the trails and around the creek and the boardwalk area.  There is not a lot of trash, but enough to make it look bad.  We certainly want DRC to look its best for our visitors from TU.  We are requesting that anyone visiting DRC take a few minutes and pick up any trash that be there.  We are also going to have a “Clean Up” detail on Friday, June 10, at noon to make sure it is clean and ready for the TU editors of the “Trout” magazine.  If you have the time, please show up at noon on Friday, June 10, and help us with the cleanup.  I am guessing that with enough help it will only take about one hour.  All help will be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance for your assistance in making DRC looking like the Magical Place that it is.