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Asst. Regional Director Announced by USFWS

USFWS Region 4 Announces selection of Assistant Regional Director of Fisheries

The Friends of the Norfork National Fish Hatchery are pleased to announce that the USFWS Region 4 has selected Allan Brown to fill the position of Assistant Regional Director of Fisheries (ARD) for the Southeast Region. 

Allan comes to this position with 30 years of experience in fisheries culture and management, covering five stations in four different FWS Regions.  Most recently Allan had responsibilities as a hatchery manager at Welaka (Florida) National Fish Hatchery and as a regional program supervisor. 

The position of ARD is critical to the operation of the hatcheries.  As ARD, Allan will be our direct contact with the Regional Office and will be responsible for enacting programs and helping with managing the operations.  The FNNFH look forward to working closely with Allan as he assumes his duties.

Submitted By Leon Alexander, 10-1-14