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July Update 2023

Dear Friends of the Norfork National Fish Hatchery:

It’s been a tough three years for our organization.  The Pandemic, changing board members, lack of a president, and inactivity has taken a toll on membership and programming. New board members are now moving forward with a positive recommitment to the Hatchery. We recently read, “7 Steps to Recommit to your Goals,” that listed, in part, that defining your goal will help you know why it’s worthwhile to keep going.”  That, in itself, is an easy step for FNNFH because we know the Norfork National Fish Hatchery is not only the largest cold water hatchery in the United States, but because of its very existence, statistically speaking, for every $1 spent raising a trout, the surrounding community realizes $110 in revenue. That equates to over $50 million in economic benefit for our surrounding community.  That being said, there’s no time like the present to reaffirm our support to the Hatchery and get the ball rolling once again!

Within the last couple months, we have re-opened the Gift Shop in the Hatchery Visitor Center and are doing very well with sales.  We feel the Gift Shop has the potential to be a driving force for financial support of the Hatchery, Dry Run Creek and educational programming. Our most exciting news at the moment is that we have scheduled the Hatchery Outdoor Adventure for Saturday, September 9 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the Hatchery grounds. This event is free, open to all age groups, and specifically geared toward outdoor activities.  We’ve already had wonderful response from businesses and organizations to offer activities for this event.  To date, our activity stations include:

  • Fly Casting                                             
  • Introduction to Land Navigation
  • Fly Tying                                                                       
  • Water Safety/Rigs for Fishing
  • Down and Dirty with Insects                                           
  • Kayaking
  • Kiddie Fishing in the Raceways                                       
  • Lawn Fishing
  • Archery                                                                         
  • Gyotaku (Japanese Fish Painting)
  • Baxter County Master Gardeners                                  
  • Home Depot Craft Activity    
  • Importance of Wetlands                                                  
  • Bats and More
  • Biking
  • Fire Equipment Exploration
  • Baxter County Sheriff’s Dept. Drunk Goggles              
  • BB Gun Shooting
  • Norfork Fire Protection District – food vendor           
  • Into the Light – food vendor

As you can see, The Hatchery Outdoor Adventure is bound to be a very fun and educational day for everyone!

If you are a Life Member of Friends of the Norfork National Fish Hatchery, thank you for your patience.  We assure you FNNFH is, indeed, alive and well.  If you are not a Life Member, we look forward to you reinstating your membership. Your support will allow us to enhance the Visitor Center, upgrade our Volunteer Program, and Promote Dry Run Creek and all Hatchery programs, including the Kids Fishing Derby and the Hatchery Outdoor Adventure.  In addition, we are very much in need of volunteers for the Gift Shop and for the Outdoor Adventure. We would very much appreciate your assistance! To offer your time, please contact Joe Salisbury at 870-321-2455.  Thank you so much for joining us in our continued support of the Hatchery and its outreach to the community.

Sincerely,   Board of Directors FNNFH:  Joe Salisbury, Scott Sillence, Pat Smith, Mike Jirka, Susan Lee, Lerene Salisbury and Hatchery Project Leader, Jon Casey

Renew your membership at and help us keep these kid’s programs going.