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Located in Salesville, Arkansas, next the Norfork Lake Dam, The Norfork National Fish Hatchery welcomes over 250,000 visitors year round.  Whether you are looking to learn more about trout and their habitat, have an opportunity to fish with your kids or grandchildren or just passing the time, the Norfork Hatchery will keep you entertained.  


Come and take in the gorgeous scenery and feed the fish!  The hatchery has 96 raceways with fish of various sizes in them to feed.  Visit us and see how the hatchery raises trout from egg to bohemeth and gain the inside knowledge on how big our regions trout can grow, and why Arkansas holds the world record Brown Trout.  Sit in for a tutorial at our visior center and see fun examples of our conservation efforts in and around our neighboring waters and the future dreams for the hatchery.     


If you are a school, we encourage you to contact the hatchery to set up a field trip for your group and take advantage of the classroom education the staff at the hatchery already hosts annually for 15 area schools.   From biology, management, fly tying, arts, crafts, conservation and fishing in general, the hatchery is prepared for you and welcomes all!  


Kids, don't forget to bring your fishing poles!  Spend some time fishing Dry Run Creek, the hatcheries stocking stream and one of the best places in the country for a child and the mobility impaired to test their trout fishing skills.

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See pictures of the Hatchery and Dry Run Creek!